Urologist Clinics

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Urology is a medical specialty with deals with problems of the male reproductive system. They also treat diseases of both male and female urinary systems.

Note: female reproductive problems are treated by a gynaecologist.

They diagnose and treat a range of conditions which include urinary incontinence, bladder prolapse, kidney stones and testicular cancer. Many urologists are experts in a particular area, for example, prostate cancer and use the latest techniques, e.g. keyhole surgery to treat them.

Role of a urologist at Harley Street

Urologists at Harley Street are renowned professionals with many years of experience combined with a high level of skill and expertise. They aim for best practice at all times and carry out treatment to the highest standards which benefits their patients.

Many of our urologists have held NHS consultant posts before moving into private practice at Harley Street. They are actively involved in passing on their skills to the next generation of urologists at London based universities.

Find out more about this branch of medicine in our urology sub-section, located in the Clinics section of the guide.