Sports Injuries Clinics

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Sports injuries

Many people participate in sports, from keen amateurs and ‘weekend warriors’ through to elite level athletes. But intensive training can lead to injuries which are frustrating to deal with. But our sports injuries clinics at Harley Street have a range of therapies and treatments which will speed up your recovery, enabling you to return to your chosen sport as soon as possible.

Sports injuries are treated by our highly experienced, expert orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists. They are leading figures in the field of sports medicine and musculoskeletal conditions with additional expertise in human performance. They understand the frustration caused by a sports injury and use the latest technologies, equipment and information in a customised treatment plan.

Sports injuries are caused by an accident, overuse, faulty equipment, lack of experience and failure to warm up/cool down properly.

Common sports injuries

There are injuries which are sport-specific, for example plantar fasciitis in running which we treat on an individual basis. Sports injuries are categorised as acute (sudden) or chronic (overuse). Overuse injuries develop over a long period of time.

Examples of acute sports injuries include:

  • Strain
  • Sprain
  • Fracture
  • Cut, graze

Examples of overuse sports injuries include:

  • Stress fractures
  • Tendonitis
  • Cartilage damage
  • Haematomas (severe bruising within a muscle)
  • Trapped nerve
  • Cramp

Mild injuries can be treated at home but acute or chronic cases require professional treatment at a sports injury clinic.

Treatment for sports injuries

Acute or overuse injuries are treated with any of the following:

  • Physiotherapy, e.g. deep tissue massage
  • Heat treatment/ultrasound
  • Biopuncture
  • Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
  • Compartment pressure test, e.g. for leg pain

Minor sports injuries can be treated with ice/heat packs, painkillers and rest.

Our clinics also provide fitness testing in the form of a cardiopulmonary test, on a treadmill and body fat composition testing. These are both useful tests for athletes and sportspeople which enables them to monitor their fitness levels on a regular basis.