Nutritionist Clinics

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A nutritionist is a highly trained practitioner who often works in conjunction with doctors, specialists and other healthcare professionals. They understand the effect good nutrition has on the body and conversely, link between poor nutrition and disease.

Our nutritionists are educated to a high level and have worked in the NHS for several years before switching to private medicine. Some opt to do both. They actively promote healthy eating, for example the ‘5 a day’ campaign and often work with particular groups of people.

Some nutritionists choose to work with hard to reach groups of people, particularly those in deprived areas who do not have the resources or sufficient knowledge to make informed nutritional choices.

Role of a nutritionist

They play an important role in a multi-disciplinary team, devising an individual diet plan for the patient. They base this on the patient’s age, lifestyle and physical health as well as the requirements of their medical condition.

They also work closely with the patient to ensure that they make positive nutritional choices, which is particularly important in patients who have a chronic condition such as diabetes. In these cases, blood sugar management is important which is directly affected by the types of food the patient eats.

Another example is a patient with high cholesterol levels who is encouraged to switch to a low fat diet as part of their personalised treatment plan.

Never underestimate the importance of nutrition in regard to your overall health.