Dermatologist Clinics

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A dermatologist is a medical practitioner who prescribes treatment for diseases of the hair, nails and skin. They diagnose and treat a wide range of skin conditions which include eczema, contact dermatitis, impetigo or psoriasis, and treat both adults and children.

Role of a dermatologist at Harley Street

Dermatologists are a valuable part of our specialists at Harley Street and many of them focus on a particular area, for example, malignant skin cancer (melanoma).

These are highly qualified, eminent people who have built up national and international reputations after long periods of study and research. Some of our dermatologists run both NHS and private clinics and balance this with teaching duties at several universities.

They have publications in prestigious journals and several peer-reviewed papers which have been presented at leading conferences. Plus they continue to update their skills and knowledge on a continuous basis.

Our dermatologists treat benign and malignant forms of skin cancer: conduct ‘mole checks’: treat common adolescent conditions such as acne: and investigate the causes of skin allergies. They use the latest methods and equipment to do so which includes photodynamic therapy, laser therapy and cryotherapy.