Reflexologist Clinics

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A reflexologist applies physical pressure to the hands and feet, often using specific techniques which stimulate a physical reaction in the body. This is done without the use of oils, lotions or creams.

Our reflexologists practise under the auspices of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. They follow strict guidelines and adhere to a code of ethics. They adopt a holistic approach to the patient and view their symptoms as part of an overall problem rather than an isolated aspect.

They are experienced in their field: and are dedicated to the needs of their patients, ensuring that these are paramount.

What is reflexology?

This is long established form of alternative medicine which is based on a series of zones. These zones correspond to areas of the body.

The reflexologist performs a series of physical movements on the hands or feet which they believe causes a series of physical changes in the body. They apply light but firm pressure to the hands or feet which contain reflex points. Performing a movement on a certain part of the foot will stimulate a reaction in another part of the body.

The aim is to restore energy flow around the body. If the reflexologist feels a ‘blockage’ in the energy flow as a result of this movement then this indicates a less than healthy energy flow and an underlying medical condition.

The aim is to treat the mind as well as the body, one example of this being stress. Stress is a complex condition which affects the mind as well as the body and this is usually detected during a session. The reflexologist uses movement to break down any deposits which are eliminated from the body, restoring it to full health.