Sports/remedial Masseur Clinics

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Sports/remedial masseur

A sports/remedial masseur performs massage techniques to stimulate the healing process in a part of the body affected by a disease or injury. It is also used to speed up recovery in athletes and sportspeople.

The aim is to resolve a muscular or other type of physical problem in the body. It includes advanced soft tissue massages which are used as part of a treatment package which includes rehabilitation.

Our sports/remedial masseurs are highly qualified, well trained and dedicated practitioners who do so the highest standards. They ensure that they work closely to a strict code of conduct and always with a patient’s wellbeing in mind.

They have undergone years of training in this speciality and continue their personal development by attending training courses, seminars and workshops as and where necessary. They also make use of the latest techniques which are designed to benefit their patients.

What is a sports/remedial massage?

A sports massage is carried out before or after a physical activity, e.g. running, in order to restore normal function to the treated part of the body. An example of this is a massage of the legs before a marathon. This is done for reasons of recovery or improved performance.

A remedial massage somewhat differs in that it is used to treat an injury with the aim of speeding up the healing process, restoring the injured area to normal. It is used to treat strains, sprains, bruising and fractures as well as removing blockages and scar tissue.

Remedial massage works very well on patients suffering from repetitive strain injury.