Neurologist Clinics

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A neurologist studies diseases of the nervous system. They investigate and treat a wide range of neurological conditions which include strokes, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’ disease. Some neurologists specialise in neurological disorders in children.

Role of a neurologist at Harley Street

Our neurologists not only diagnose and treat neurological disorders; many of them also conduct research and run clinical trials as well. They work in a particular area, for example cerebrovascular disease, and have devoted many years of study to this field.

Your neurologist is a highly trained, experienced and qualified individual with a solid research background and focus on the welfare of his/her patients. He/she will be a member of a well-respected organisation such as the Association of British Neurologists and has worked in both the NHS and private practice.

All of which greatly benefits the patient.

Learn more about our neurological work in the Clinics section of the guide.