Ophthalmic Surgeon Clinics

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Ophthalmic surgeon

An ophthalmic surgeon operates on patients with a range of eye conditions that include glaucoma, cataracts, detached retinas and macular degeneration. This is a technically demanding field which requires a high level of skill and manual dexterity on the part of the surgeon.

Examples of eye surgery include:

  • Laser eye surgery to correct a refractive error, e.g. short sight
  • Cataract removal
  • Implantable contact lenses
  • Corneal transplant
  • Repair a detached retina
  • Eye muscle surgery

An ophthalmic surgeon will usually specialise in a particular area, for example, implantable contact lenses. Others will treat a particular age group only, for example children.

Role of an ophthalmic surgeon at Harley Street

Our ophthalmic surgeons are trained to the highest degree and match this with a level of skill and expertise that is second to none. They are leaders in their field and use the latest technologies and techniques to provide patients with the very best treatment and care.

In some cases, they are pioneers, having developed a particular surgical procedure that has benefited thousands of patients worldwide.

They attend training courses, lectures and other programmes to ensure that their skills are kept up to date. This also includes reading through the latest research findings or attending conferences.

And, they are members of respected organisations such as the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

Your eyesight is precious and can only be trusted in the hands of professional such as those based at Harley Street.