Homeopath Clinics

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A homeopath is an alternative health practitioner who uses diluted substances to trigger symptoms in healthy individuals which mimic those exhibited by patients. An example of this is a diluted substance which causes anxiety symptoms in a healthy person that are also the same as those displayed by someone suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Our homeopaths abide by a strict code of ethics which ensures that they treat patients with professionalism, care and integrity. They are members of The Society of Homeopaths and are highly qualified and insured.

What is homeopathy?

This is a type of alternative medicine which has its roots back in the 18th Century. The theory behind this is treating ‘like for like’: in other words, large amounts of a diluted substance which causes symptoms can also be used in small amounts to treat those same symptoms.

If caffeine causes twitching, sleeplessness and shakiness in a person then this can also be used as a diluted substance to treat patients who exhibit these same symptoms.

Homeopathic substances are non-toxic.