Hernia Surgeon Clinics

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Hernia surgeon

Hernias are a common condition which is treated with medication or in many cases, surgery. This requires the services of a well trained and experienced hernia surgeon. A hernia surgeon is a general surgeon with further training in the treatment of hernias.

A hernia is the medical name for a small protrusion of tissues through another area of the body, for example, the abdominal wall.

There is more than one type of hernia which includes femoral, inguinal and umbilical. Femoral and inguinal hernias commonly affect adults whereas umbilical hernias are usually seen in children.

Hernia surgery

Hernia surgery involves pushing back the hernia followed by repair of the weakened muscle tissue, e.g. the abdominal wall. There are two ways of doing this:

  • Keyhole repair
  • Tension free mesh repair

These are the most effective ways of treating a hernia.

Role of a hernia surgeon at Harley Street

Our hernia surgeons use these techniques to the satisfaction of their patients. These are well respected, highly qualified and experienced professionals with a solid general surgery background plus additional training in this speciality.

They are leaders in their field and ensure that they remain there by keeping their knowledge and skills up to date. This means attending training courses, presenting at conferences, writing articles for journals and learning about the latest technologies.

Many of them teach or lecture at medical schools and universities and are keen to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.

You will be in the best possible hands for your hernia operation.