Osteopath Clinics

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An osteopath uses physical manipulation on the joints and soft tissues of the body as a form of treatment. They move, stretch or massage these in a variety of ways to restore normal function and start the healing process.

An osteopath is a highly qualified medical professional with a deep understanding of the way the body works. He or she will have studied anatomy and physiology as well as learn a range of techniques needed to restore mobility in the muscles and joints.

Our osteopaths fall into this category. They are well trained, qualified and dedicated individuals who use this ‘hands on’ approach to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. These include sports injuries, back pain, bad posture and repetitive strain injury.

Osteopathy is also used to treat conditions which do not affect the joints or soft tissues. These include stress, anxiety, asthma, sinusitis and menstrual disorders.

How does osteopathy work?

The osteopath uses their hands to determine the area of the body which is causing your medical problem, e.g. lower back pain. They use a combination of gentle and powerful movements to manipulate the affected joint or muscle. These movements include massage – both gentle and deep tissue, normal articulation and a series of stretches.

You may be asked to practise these at home.

This can be a painful form of treatment especially if there is an area of inflammation but mention this to the osteopath during the session.