Pain management specialist

Pain is a characteristic symptom of many diseases and ranges in intensity from mild through to severe. It is classed as acute or chronic and has a specialism entirely devoted to it, the aim being to relieve or manage pain whenever possible.

This is carried out by a pain management specialist.

Role of a pain management specialist at Harley Street

Our pain management specialists work as part of a team. They play an important part in that relieving pain is often the first step of a treatment plan. Once that occurs, recovery can take place.

Alternately, in cases where the patient is experiencing chronic pain, a co-ordinated effort is required to control this to improve the patient’s quality of life. Acupuncture, biofeedback, drugs and psychotherapy are some of the various forms of treatment prescribed by a pain management specialist.

They have an active interest in this area and are constantly searching for new forms of pain intervention or ways in which their patients can be helped with their own pain relief.

A pain management specialist is a highly qualified and respected member of a team whose insight, experience and expertise is valued by all members.

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