Circumcision Clinics

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Circumcision is carried out in our London clinic by a specialist surgeon with knowledge and experience of this procedure and the religious and cultural traditions surrounding it. He ensures that the procedure is carried out in accordance with Jewish Law and with professionalism and care.

What is circumcision?

This is a long established procedure which is an important part of the Jewish faith and is performed for religious and social reasons. It is performed on newborn baby boys from a few weeks old up to 6 months of age.

Religion is the main factor but it can be performed where there is a clear medical need.

Circumcision procedure

It involves the removal of the foreskin, an area of skin on the head of the penis which reduces the risk of infection. This is often performed in cases where a boy or adult man is experiencing repeated infections.

This is performed under a local anaesthetic as day surgery and is a quick and painless procedure. A follow up visit will be arranged but not on a Saturday as this is the Jewish Sabbath.