Acupuncturist Clinics

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An acupuncturist is a complementary medicine practitioner who uses acupuncture to treat a variety of physical and psychological conditions. These include headaches, anxiety, joint pain, allergies, insomnia and post-operative pain.

Our acupuncturists at Harley Street are highly trained practitioners who are experienced at using this ancient system. Contact us to find out more about acupuncture.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine which dates back thousands of years. It is based on a belief system in which its adherents believe that a life force flows around the body in channels. These channels are called ‘meridians’.

This life force flows freely in someone in good health. But this flow can be disrupted by a disease or illness. The aim of acupuncture is to remove this blockage and enable the life force to flow again freely.

It works by the insertion of small needles into pressure points on the skin. These pressure points are interconnected with each other via the meridians. Once these needles are inserted they remove any blockages and enable the life force to flow as normal.

This life force is called ‘Qi’.