Hip Surgeon Clinics

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Hip surgeon

Hip surgeons are actually orthopaedic surgeons who have chosen to specialise in this area. They treat a range of hip disorders such as osteoarthritis and use the latest techniques to do so.

Examples of hip surgery include:

  • Partial hip replacement
  • Full hip replacement
  • Hip resurfacing

Many hip surgeons concentrate on a particular area or speciality, for example, sports injuries.

Role of a hip surgeon at Harley Street

Our hip surgeons are highly qualified, experienced and well respected people in their field. They are educated to a high level and among the leaders in their speciality but are also known for their approachable manner.

They work closely with other healthcare professionals to achieve the best outcome for their patient.

They keep abreast of the latest research findings and developments, attending seminars, courses and lectures. This ensures that they remain at the forefront. They also find time to undertake teaching duties at medical schools and universities.

Your hip surgeon will use the latest technologies such as hip arthroscopy and robot assisted surgeries which are both minimally invasive forms of surgery. This is less traumatic for you. It also speeds up your recovery process.

Our hip surgeons are members of a professional organisation such as the British Orthopaedic Association.

Choosing one of our hip surgeons gives you access to the best in their field.