Cancer Specialist Clinics

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Cancer specialist

A cancer specialist or oncologist is a highly trained doctor who diagnoses and treats cancer. They may focus on a particular form of cancer, e.g. lung cancer or treat several forms of this disease. There are many types of cancer – around 200 types – and many different types of oncologists to treat it.

Role of a cancer specialist at Harley Street

Cancer specialists are part of a multi-disciplinary team which contains surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and oncology nurses who are involved at all stages of treatment.

The cancer specialist will advise about surgery or discuss the various options in regard to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. They will consult with others about this, e.g. work alongside a surgeon who specialises in cancer surgery.

Our cancer specialists are amongst the best in their field, both in the UK and abroad. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the treatment of cancer and understand the many physical and psychological issues related to it.

They will discuss your concerns with you in a sympathetic manner, answering any questions you may have. And will recommend counselling where necessary.

Learn more in our cancer sub-section which is located within the Clinics section of the guide.