Allergy Specialist Clinics

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Allergy specialist

Allergies are a complex area of medicine which has a range of effects on the body’s immune system. These diseases are treated by an allergy specialist who focuses on one or several particular allergies, e.g. food allergies.

An allergy is a response by your body’s immune system to a substance (allergen) which it perceives as a threat. It releases antibodies to attack this threat which causes a range of symptoms that are known as an immune response. These include coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes and wheezing.

Role of an allergy specialist at Harley Street

An allergy specialist is a highly trained professional who diagnoses and treats a range of allergies and advises patients on preventative measures.

You can be referred to an NHS allergy specialist via your GP or visit a private allergy specialist at Harley Street.

For many people, an allergy is an unpleasant condition to have especially if they experience an extreme version known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a hypersensitive reaction to an allergen which causes the body to go into shock. Symptoms include breathing difficulties, drop in blood pressure and swelling around the throat and air passages. This is fatal if not treated immediately.

If you suffer from a mild or severe allergy then book an appointment to see allergy specialist. They will conduct allergy testing in the form of a patch test to determine which substances are allergens and need to be avoided.

For more information visit the allergies sub-section within the Clinics section of this guide.