The London Clinic

The London clinic provides a range of top quality services, delivered by highly skilled, experienced people who work hard to ensure that their patients receive the very care and attention. This personalised approach is a feature of this clinic and the other Harley Street hospitals that are renowned for their expertise and dedication to their profession.

Top class facilities

This state of the art clinic contains a 24 hour intensive care unit which is always staffed by a consultant: 12 operating theatres with the latest equipment and airflow systems, designed to reduce the risk of infection: day surgery unit: endoscopy unit: 3 radiotherapy units.

Other facilities include hydrotherapy pool, dialysis unit, nuclear medicine, diagnostic technology, e.g. CT scans, nutrition, physiotherapy and an outpatients centre.

Range of services

The London clinic is well respected for its range of medical and surgical services which include cardiology, allergy testing, gastroenterology, oral and maxillofacial surgery and urology.

Well woman and well man services are also provided.

But they have expanded to include stem cell transplants, robotic surgery and radiosurgery, e.g. Gamma Knife. This fits in with their commitment to excellence and innovation, supported by the latest research findings.

Complete range of specialities

Every branch of medicine is catered for, from A for allergy through to V for vascular and thread veins. Cancer (oncology) is a major speciality for the clinic who has built a reputation for their sophisticated approach to treatment which makes full use of the latest developments.

This now includes Gamma Knife and CyberKnife systems which are a revolutionary form of treatment for cancer. They have proven to be effective at treating both benign and malignant tumours which has resulted in improved quality for life for many patients.