Naturopath Clinics

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A naturopath is a health practitioner who uses a variety of natural remedies such as fasting, exercise, water and complementary medicine, e.g. acupuncture to treat a range of conditions. This includes both acute and chronic conditions.

A Harley Street naturopath is a well-qualified practitioner who has many years of experience in their field. They have undergone training with a highly respected provider and attend continuing personal development (CPD) courses on a regular basis. They also keep up to date with the latest research findings to ensure that their patients are treated with the latest methods.

Most importantly, our naturopaths operate to a strong code of ethics and a strict code of conduct. Your safety and wellbeing is their primary concern.

What is naturopathy?

This is type of alternative medicine which adopts a holistic approach to patient care. It is based on a belief in a natural energy or ‘vitality’ which we all possess and is responsible for many of the processes in the body, e.g. the metabolism.

But our busy, stressful lifestyles put this vitality under pressure which leads to a variety of physical and psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, allergies and immune system disorders.

Naturopathy is based upon a combination of mind, body and spirit as a form of healing. It uses a combination of remedies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic and nutrition to restore the patient to good health. The patient is encouraged to make small but positive changes to their lifestyle.