General Physician Clinics

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General physician

A general physician is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats a wide range of conditions although they usually have a particular area of interest, for example, arthritis. They are a good choice for anyone who wants a second opinion about their condition as well as the first port of call for an initial diagnosis.

Some general physicians are also Consultant physicians as well. They have years of experience, acquired from time spent in the NHS as well as private practice. They are also members of a respected organisation such as Royal College of Surgeons.

Is a general physician the same as a general practitioner?

A general practitioner or ‘GP’ is a doctor who provides a broad range of care to patients of all ages. They are the first port of call for the general public and are often considered to be their ‘family doctor’.

A general physician will also treat a variety of complaints but also has experience in one or several specialities.

Role of a general physician at Harley Street

These private doctors are well respected in their fields and provide first rate medical services to the general public. They are consulted for their expertise in a particular field, e.g. cardiology and are chosen for this very reason.