Harley Street

This is a complete guide to the vast range of medical services provided by Harley Street in Westminster, London, UK. Harley Street is famous for its clinics, hospitals and specialists who provide top class private healthcare to the general public. If you want the very best in skills, expertise and care then look no further than this illustrious address.

A helpful, informative guide

This guide is designed for anyone in the UK and overseas who is considering having private treatment but requires more information before they make a decision. Use this to learn more about the medical specialities, types of clinics and the roles of the various healthcare professionals employed in this area.

This guide contains information about the following:

It is designed to give you an overview of what these clinics treat and who will be responsible for your treatment. For example, if you require treatment by a colorectal surgeon then there is a section that discusses what he/she does and the range of medical conditions treated within this surgical speciality.