Obstetrician Clinics

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Obstetrics is the branch of medicine which deals with pregnancy and childbirth. It is often linked with gynaecology as these are both female-specific fields. Some obstetricians also work as gynaecologists and vice versa but others concentrate on a single speciality only.

Role of an obstetrician at Harley Street

An obstetrician provides treatment and care throughout a women’s pregnancy, from the initial diagnosis, through the ante-natal stages, childbirth and the period afterwards. They devise an individual care plan for each patient which includes advice about ante-natal classes, nutrition and exercise during pregnancy; what to expect during labour; and the development of the baby in the weeks following birth.

They are highly qualified with years of experience in this specialism and work closely with the patient at every stage of her pregnancy. This includes routine pregnancy scans and genetic testing.

The pregnancy scans help screen for abnormalities or the risk of a premature birth which includes more detailed 3D scans if a deformity is suspected. This is one of several services provided by our maternity clinics at Harley Street.

Find out more about pregnancy in our obstetrics sub-section, within the Clinics section of this guide.