Clinical Pharmacologist Clinics

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Clinical pharmacologist

Clinical pharmacology is the study of drugs and their development and use in the real world. Pharmaceutical drugs are produced in laboratories and undergo comprehensive testing and evaluation before their release onto the market. The aim is to boost the positive effects whilst minimising the side effects before they are considered safe for consumer use.

The overall goal is to bridge the gap between laboratory practice/science and medical use.

Role of a clinical pharmacologist at Harley Street

This work is carried out by a clinical pharmacologist. This is a highly trained healthcare professional with in-depth knowledge of these drugs, their effect on the body and how they must be used (their prescription). They also look at how different drugs work together and the risk of dependency.

We employ experienced, well respected clinical pharmacologists who are leading figures in their field. They have developed certain drugs for various conditions which include cardiovascular disease, sexually transmitted diseases and neurological disorders. These drugs are available on prescription only.

They undergo many years of study and research in a complex area which includes the analysis of effects of drugs on the human body, drug abuse/misuse and their inclusion in a pain management plan.

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