Immunology Specialist Clinics

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Immunology specialist

Immunology is the study of the immune system and the various diseases which affect this vital system. The immune system is the first line of defence against bacteria, viruses and other potential threats which cause these diseases.

The immune system consists of a network of smaller sub-systems such as the lymph glands, bone marrow and the skin. It is a very effective system but things do go wrong. These include graft versus host disease, auto-immune diseases and immune deficiency disorders.

Role of an immunology specialist at Harley Street

Immunology can be broken down into sub-divisions which include clinical immunology, developmental immunology and immunotherapy. The immunology specialists at Harley Street focus on one particular sub-division, e.g. allergies, or several.

They are recognised authorities in their field and have many years of experience to support this. Many of them enjoy international reputations, often for a pioneering treatment or technique which is of great benefit to their patients.

Our immunologists have membership of professional organisations such as the British Society of Immunology. So you can be sure of receiving a high standard of treatment and care.