The Harley Street Breast Clinic

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    The Harley Street Breast Clinic is a specialist branch located within the heart of London’s iconic Harley Street. The clinic is the only dedicated breast clinic in the UK and boasts some of the country’s leading medical experts.

    The clinic comes in the form of a modern, spacious facility with all of the latest equipment and multimedia technology available on the market. Clients are invited to relax in the comfortable surroundings and staff members are known for their professionalism and courtesy.

    The Harley Street Breast Clinic offers a comprehensive range of services and is the only clinic based in UK dedicated solely to treating breast conditions. The latest treatments and techniques are used to cure, manage and diagnose breast conditions, including:

    • Mammograms
    • Breast cancer gene testing
    • Breast cancer diagnosis
    • Breast cancer care
    • Comprehensive breast cancer advice and counselling
    • Cosmetic surgery
    • The one-stop diagnostic clinic

    An advantageous aspect of the Harley Street Breast Clinic is the one-stop diagnostic clinic, which is designed to produce extremely fast test results. Breast problems are common and as many as one in ten women will be affected by breast cancer at least once in their lives. For obvious reasons a great deal of anxiety centres on breast problems, but having quick results provided by the clinic can eliminate lengthy waiting times.

    The clinic uses the latest diagnostic testing and screening to identify conditions as quickly and accurately as possible. Individual treatment plans are then developed and discussed with the patient. The Harley Street Breast Clinic also has a sister clinic located at London Bridge Hospital. Both of the featured clinics are the only ‘one-stop’ breast clinics in the country.

    The Harley Street Breast Clinic employs a team of specialists with vast amounts of experience in caring for patients with breast conditions. The clinic was first established by a group of leading consultants who wished to provide personalised care in a comfortable, modern setting. The team includes the following breast surgeons:

    • Mr Nicolas Beechey-Newman
    • Mr Michael Douek
    • Mr Adam Stacey-Clear
    • Professor Ian Fentiman
    • Mr Dimitri Hadjiminas
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