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  • About this Practice

    Richard Sinnerton is based at the London Upper Limb Unit, a specialist centre for patients with problems and conditions affecting the elbows and shoulders. The unit provides personalised care for those with shoulder and elbow pain. The doctors are committed to providing clients with information and detailed explanations to ensure they understand why they are experiencing either chronic or acute pain in the upper limbs.

    As a consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Sinnerton deals solely with conditions affecting the elbow and shoulder joints. He established the London Upper Limb Unit to enable patients with elbow and shoulder pain to receive specialist help. He offers a comprehensive range of orthopaedic services, including:

    • Treatment for tennis elbow
    • Treatment for poor posture
    • Steroid injections
    • Surgery for a range of shoulder conditions, including frozen shoulder, cuff tear arthritis, arthritis, dislocation, tendonitis and shoulder replacement
    • Ulna nerve transposition
    • Treatment for sports injuries

    Mr Sinnerton graduated from St Thomas’ Medical School before undertaking orthopaedic training at St Mary’s Hospital, London. He worked for the NHS for around seven years, providing treatment at Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Trust, but became disillusioned with the way the service was run and resigned to pursue private practice.

    He developed a special interest in shoulder surgery after meeting and spending time with Professor Pascal Boileau, a man with whom he has become close friends and undertaken a Fellowship under his guidance in Nice.

    Mr Sinnerton chose to set up the London Upper Limb Unit to allow patients with elbow and shoulder pain a comfortable environment in which they could discover the cause of their pain and receive professional care.

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