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    Dr Ronnie Chee is a consultant clinical immunologist and allergist based at the London Clinic, where the team of professionals are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services and treatments in the heart of London’s famed Harley Street. The clinic provides specialist treatments, from complex treatments like liver transplants to routine medical care. Dr Chee is experienced in all things related to allergies and is 100one hundred per cent committed to caring for each and every one of his patients.

    Dr Ronnie Chee is a specialist in immunology and allergy treatment. He boasts a number of years experience in allergy testing, allergy treatment, management and desensitisation and can treat a range of different allergies, including:

    • Food allergies
    • Pollen allergies and seasonal rhinitis (hay fever)
    • Anaphylaxis
    • Insect bite allergies
    • Inhalant allergies
    • Allergic asthma
    • Drug allergies
    • Latex allergy

    The London Clinic provides comprehensive allergy testing and diagnosis, including blood tests, lung function tests and skin tests. Allergies have become increasingly common over the last decade and The London Clinic provides the latest treatments and techniques to successfully diagnose and treat each one. Treatments include:

    • Desensitisation injections
    • Anti-allergic medication
    • Allergen avoidance measures
    • Dietary advice

    Dr Ronnie Chee trained at the National University of Singapore before moving to the UK and studying at the following hospitals:

    • St Peter’s
    • St George’s
    • Queen’s Medical Centre
    • St Helier Hospital

    He was then appointed Consultant Immunologist and Head of the Clinical Service at The Royal Free Hospital. He is currently able to undertake both private and NHS treatment. Involved with teaching programmes at a number of hospitals, Dr Chee has also had a number of articles published in international journals.

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