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    Dr Helen Cox is a consultant based at the Harley Street Paediatric Group and is one of the few recognised paediatric allergy specialists in the UK. The Harley Street Paediatric Group provides first-class care for children of all ages and boasts a specialist team made up of professionals from more than 25 different specialities. The clinic provides everything from routine tonsil removal surgery to complex surgical procedures involving some of the UK’s leading paediatricians.

    The number of children affected by allergies is increasing year after year and the Harley Street Paediatric Group uses the latest technology and treatments to care for each child that has been affected. Dr Helen Cox offers a range of treatments and services at the clinic, including:

    • Allergy testing and comprehensive allergy assessment
    • Immunology assessment
    • Nutritional screening
    • Lung function tests
    • Food and drug testing
    • Immunotherapy

    Dr Cox has accumulated a wealth of experience in treating children with allergies and is highly respected by colleagues across the UK. She studied medicine at Cape Town University before choosing to move to the UK to undertake specialist study in immunology, paediatrics and allergy. Dr Cox has trained at prestigious hospitals including great Ormond Street, Guy’s and John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

    Undergoing substantial study into eczema genetics helped with the awarding of Dr Cox’s doctorate. She now spends a substantial amount of her time teaching, mentoring and working at Imperial College NHS Trust as clinical lead consultant in paediatric allergy.

    To add to her list of achievements, Dr Cox is also a clinical leader for the MSc course in clinical allergy and is a writer of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines for eczema treatment. She is currently working at the Royal College of Paediatrics to develop national strategies for the care of children with allergies.

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