Dr Diana R. Holdright

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    Dr Diana R. Holdright is a highly experienced cardiologist with ability in a range of cardiac conditions and a keen interest in managing coronary heart disease. Dr Holdright leads a small but dedicated team at her practice in Harley Street, providing a comprehensive range of cardiology services that include:

    • Investigation of palpitations, dizziness and blackouts
    • Investigation and treatment of chest pain
    • Management of valvular heart disease
    • Treatment of heart failure
    • Management of coronary heart disease
    • Cardiac causes of strokes
    • Blood pressure screening
    • Treatment of high blood pressure
    • High cholesterol management

    Dr Holdright and her team are particularly interested in the assessment of patients who have high risk factors for cardiovascular disease or a family history of heart problems. She takes great care when explaining risk factors and advises ways in which risks may be lowered. Dr Holdright is able to guide individuals who perhaps do not have controllable risk factors but are predisposed for contracting coronary heart disease as a result of family history.

    Not only does Dr Holdright hold a vast amount of experience in managing and treating a spectrum of conditions, but she is also well-known and respected in the field of cardiology. She was heavily involved in the establishment of primary angioplasty surgery at London’s Heart Hospital, one of the UK’s recognised heart attack centres.

    Another one of Dr Holdright’s distinguishing facets is her work at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, where she is involved in troubleshooting the heart: brain interface. This role is very important and enables her to gain specific knowledge regarding fainting, dizziness, blackouts, epilepsy and the cardiac links to strokes.

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