Dr David Brull

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    Dr David Brull is a consultant adult cardiologist with a particular interest in coronary intervention, which involves the placement of stents and angioplasty procedures. He treats clients with a broad spectrum of cardiac conditions. In addition to specialist training for coronary intervention, Dr Brull also offers the following services:

    • Diagnosis, treatment and management of high blood pressure (hypertension)
    • Investigation and treatment of chest pain
    • Investigation and treatment of high cholesterol levels
    • Investigation of dizziness and palpitations
    • Investigation and treatment of breathlessness
    • Referral for cardiovascular risk evaluation
    • Diagnosis, treatment and management of angina.

    Coronary intervention is intended to relieve hurting brought on by poor blood flow to the heart. A small balloon type device and an expandable stent are placed across narrow passageways in the coronary arteries to improve blood flow, making this is a vital service provided by Dr Brull.

    Dr Brull attained his qualifications from The Royal Free Hospital, London in 1992 and has provided his services in many of the UK’s leading teaching hospitals since this time. In October 2003, Dr Brull was selected as honorary senior lecturer and consultant cardiologist at the Whittington Hospital and the Heart Hospital, University College Hospitals, London.

    As a specialist heart doctor Dr Brull successfully combines private practice and NHS work. He offers private consultations in Harley Street for the benefit of his patients. He is a member of the British Cardiac Society, the British Medical Association, the European Society of Echocardiography and the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society.

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