Dr Usamah Jannoun

  • Dr Usamah Jannoun

    07540 123 227
    27 Harley Street, London W1G 9QP
  • About this Practice

    Dr Usamah Jannoun is a consultant orthopaedic and sports physician based in London and the South East. He provides private treatment for patients in London’s Harley Street and Sussex Medical Chambers, having previously worked for the NHS at the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. He provides a comprehensive range of treatments and services, including:

    Assessment services:

    • X-rays and diagnostic injection X-rays
    • MRI and CT scans
    • Ultrasound
    • Blood tests
    • Assessment of soft tissue injuries, peripheral joints and the spine

    Treatment programmes for sports injuries:

    • Rehabilitation programmes
    • Acupuncture
    • Groin pain and hip injections
    • Prolotherapy
    • High volume injections
    • Ostenil/ viscosupplements
    • Bisphosphonates and bone marrow odoema
    • Steroid injections
    • Nitrate patches
    • Traumeel injections

    Back pain:

    • Fluoroscopy
    • Facet joint injection
    • Dorsal root ganglion block
    • Epidural injection

    Dr Jannoun is a skilled consultant with years of experience working in both private and NHS practice. He has undertaken extensive training and is truly an expert in his field, being a Fellow, Examiner and Appraiser of the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine, as well as a member of the International Spinal Intervention Society.

    Over the years, Dr Jannoun has worked in several countries and is an enthusiastic sportsman. In 2012 he undertook the role of sports doctor at the hugely successful London Olympics, providing treatment for elite athletes from countries across the world.

    Dr Jannoun also lectures and he was heavily involved in the Diploma/MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Bath University. He also held an important position at the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

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